Benefiting Hospitals

Our Mission

The Pediatric Pad Foundation (Pads for Pēds) is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that provides computer tablets and other related computer equipment to be used by patients at Children’s Hospitals and Clinics all over the United States. Our mission is to bring joy and diversion to young hospital patients facing acute medical care.

You can make a difference in a child's life today.

Cesar Birkholz has been through a lot in his seven years — more than any young boy should have to go through. Cesar suffers from a genetic mutation which prevents his kidneys and liver from functioning properly. The same genetic mutation took the lives of his two older brothers, Tino and Carlos, and the disease continues to affect his family through Cesar’s fight.

After hearing Cesar’s story, we wanted to help in any way we could. Hearing about Cesar’s frequent hospital stays inspired the idea to buy him an iPad Mini — a distraction for both Cesar and his family during those long hospital hours and uncomfortable procedures. After witnessing the joy this simple donation brought to Cesar, it was evident we could make a difference on a broader scale.

During 2013, the nation’s largest twenty children’s hospitals supported over 6,700 staffed beds and admissions of more than 286,000 patients. The average stay was nearly four days. PFP will seek both national and local partners in each metropolitan area where chosen hospitals offer health care services. The Pediatric Pad Foundation, or Pads for Pēds, was formed in 2014 to endow children’s hospitals with touch screen tablets, related computer equipment, and best practice guidelines for their use and maintenance.



Tablets connect families and patients to loved ones at home through messaging and video calls.


Technology provides the opportunity to educate families and patients using kid friendly visual data on upcoming procedures and detailing diagnosis and treatments.


The distraction of the tablet allows patients to focus on the screen instead of what might be going on around them, potentially alleviating some of the pain and discomfort they are going through.


Tablets offer endless options of entertainment to both patients and their families. From games to music to movies, this entertainment can mean the difference between an awful day in a hospital room and fun day of watching Frozen or playing Angry Birds.