During 2013, the nation’s largest children’s hospitals supported over 6,700 staffed beds and admissions of more than 286,000 patients. The average stay was nearly four days. PFP will seek both local and national partners in each metropolitan area where chosen hospital offers health care services.

The foundation will offer tested, best practice guidelines for chosen hospitals, that include requirements relating to tablet use and patient satisfaction. Where possible, recycled or refurbished tablets will be utilized for this program.

How it Works


Cash donations fund each Pads for Peds ‘Pack’.


A hospital in need is chosen for the donation. PFP will work together with the hospital to set up a library for patients to check out the computer tablets.


The computer tablets are enjoyed by the patients. Staff will utilize best practices for cleaning, maintaining and restoring the tablets upon return.


Hospital staff will utilize best practice guidelines to record usage data, and report back to Pads for Pēds foundation in order to improve efforts and share with donors the important statistics.

Steps to Success

Each group of tablet donations to a hospital is supported with required related equipment which will include a way for staff to re-configure the tablets after each use to ensure patient data security. PFP will also supply a way to protect the tablet with a durable case that can withstand the usage of small children and the disinfection of the devices.

PFP plans to work with each hospital to develop a best practices guidelines to ensure longevity of the computer tablets. PFP will also ask each hospital to report back regularly with data that includes inventory, as well as statistics on usage so that this organization can continue to grow and refine our offerings.