Using iPads to Help Patients Through Their Hospitalization Experience

The iPads are proving ideal not just for diverting the attention of patients during tests and procedures but also preparing those patients for these medical experiences, and helping them understand their diagnoses. “Anecdotal evidence points to successful use of the iPad as a non-pharmacological technique for easing patients through tests and procedures, such as stoma entrance, endoscopy, CT scans, PICC line placements, echocardiograms, plasmapheresis, etc. For example, an engaging game distracted a toddler so much when he was receiving sutures for a forehead laceration that he only required a topical numbing cream, not an injection of lidocaine.”

Children’s Hospital Association

Laura Gilbert, BS, CCLS, Certified Child Life Specialist
Toni F. Millar, MS, CCLS, Director, Child Life Department
NewYork-Presbyterian, Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital, New York, NY

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Using a Tablet Computer During Pediatric Procedures

We have discussed in our About Us section some of the immediate impacts tablets have in helping children cope with their stays in the hospital. Howeve